Co-organized by Estelle Ingrand-Varenne (CRFJ) and Robert Kool (IAA) in the framework of the “GRAPH-EAST” ERC Project.

Epigraphy, numismatics and sigillography have been established as separate, even compartmentalised disciplines. However, as media they derive from the same written culture of the Middle Ages and theyshare the same epigraphic traditions. The goal of this workshop is, bringing together specialists from each of these fields, to compare and cross-reference these different media, their forms, and their messages, as they developed in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem: official and monumental texts, graffiti, and inscriptions on seals and coins. Who used these texts and inscriptions and for what audience? How were these produced (from patron to artist and craftsman)? For what reasons? This workshop forms part of the GRAPH-EAST ERC project (aim 2: “The representation and practice ofthe Latin writing system in the East from a palaeographic, linguistic, sociological and sociographic pointof view”).

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