Paleometallurgy/Conservation: Complementarity or Antagonism? Towards Conservation 2.0 for Metallic Objects

OCTOBER 23 – 24, 2023, JERUSALEM

Archaeometric studies on metal artifacts, encompassing technology, provenance, and dating, often necessitate intrusive or even destructive techniques. Thus, preserving the physical integrity of objects presents a challenge to the advancement of paleo-metallurgical studies, particularly when the objects become part of museum collections, as is the case in France and Israel. How to go beyond this apparent antagonism between archaeometric analysis and object conservation? To foster knowledge exchange and shared experiences, this workshop coorganized by Dr. Sylvain Bauvais and Dr. Robert Kool is intended to facilitate a dialogue between Israeli and French archaeometry specialists, archaeologists, restorers, and conservators. Two French researchers, who specialize in paleo-metallurgy and new techniques of metal preservation, will contribute to the discussions. This event will take place at the Israel Antiquities Authority and the French Research Center in Jerusalem, with support from the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), the Laboratoire Archéométrie et Prévention de l’Altération (LAPANIMBE‐IRAMAT – Université Paris‐Saclay), and the Graduate School of Humanities – Heritage Science Paris‐Saclay.

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Dr. Sylvain Bauvais, (CNRS, CRFJ) –

Dr. Robert Kool (IAA) –