« Meaningful lives: identity dynamics in a school run by an urban kibbutz in Israel ». Par Clara Quintilla-Pinol (AMI-CRFJ). 
This thesis in social anthropology, which I started at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris-Marseille) in 2018, focuses on the identity dynamics at work in an Israeli public primary school, mainly run by members of an urban kibbutz. It is important to point out that right now I’m in a very particular moment in my journey as a researcher: having very recently concluded a long ethnographic study in Israel, this research project is in constant evolution. Therefore, this text is not an exhaustive report of my thesis, but rather an excerpt from an ongoing research. In the first part of this report, I provide context concerning the urban kibbutz Drachim and the Fabra public school, located in the Galilean city of Nof HaGalil, where I conducted my ethnographic research; finally, in the second part of this account, I focus more precisely on the identity dynamics at work in the school, exploring the problematic concept of “identity” and analyzing an excerpt from an ethnographic description whose heuristic value seems relevant to me.