The French Research Centre in Jerusalem is a research unit under the supervision of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE), of the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), and of the Aix-Marseille University (AMU) since 2019. It is also one of the French Research Institutes based abroad(UMIFRE n° 7 CNRS – MEAE),headed by the Directorate-General of Global Affairs, Culture, Teaching and International Development and Partnerships (DGM) of the MEAE. It is also a Research Support Unit of the CNRS(UAR 3132).

The functioning of the CRFJ is defined in an inter-ministerial agreement signed on 5 December 2000 and regularly updated. This agreement provides that all scientific activities of the CRFJ follows the missions of the research units associated to CNRS.

In application of the above, the CRFJ Director is appointed by the MEAE. He is also the Director of the CNRS Research Unit, UAR 3132..

In the CNRS, the CRFJ is headed by the French National Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities (INSHS)

The institutes IFRE and UMIFRE are organised in regional centres. Each regional centre has a scientific and strategic council (C2S) with a minimum of ten French and/or foreign scientists designed as “scientifically qualified members” appointed by mutual agreement by the MEAE and the CNRS for four years, renewable once for two years.

On July 1st, 2022, the members of the C2S are as follows:

  • Lisa Anteby Yemini
  • Claire Balandier
  • Katell Berthelot
  • Fanny Bocquentin
  • Sarah Gensburger
  • Alexandre Jaunait
  • Hamoudi Khalaily
  • Stéphanie Latte-Abdallah
  • Cédric Parizot
  • Caroline Rozenholc

For more information on the status of the UMIFRE, see the documents below: