Research Orientation 2 – HISTORY, TRADITIONS, MEMORY

The objective of this research orientation is to invest in the long-term history of the region and its fluctuations. A strong emphasis is placed on Jerusalem’s history in the research conducted at the CRFJ.

The research area investigated in this research orientation include ancient and biblical history, history of Jewish societies in modern Europe, medieval history and the Crusader period, in particular the dialogue between the Muslim East, Eastern Christian communities, the Byzantine Empire, and the Medieval West, in particular the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, and finally, Jerusalem and its areas’ contemporary history.

Dans le cadre de cet axe, ont été menées des projets de recherche phares parmi lesquels : le projet européen d’épigraphie médiévale ERC GRAPH-EAST : « Latin as an Alien Script in the Medieval ‘Latin East' » (2021-2026) coordonné par Estelle Ingrand-Varenne, le projet européen ERC Open Jerusalem, « Opening Jerusalem Archives for a Connected History of ‘Citadinité’ in the Holy City 1840–1940 » (2014-2019), ainsi que le projet I-Site Future, « Archival City : bridging Urban Past and Future » (2019-2023) coordonné par Vincent Lemire, ainsi que le projet ERC HornEast, « Horn & Crescent. Connections, Mobility and Exchange between the Horn of Africa and the Middle East in the Middle Ages » (2017-2023) dirigé par Julien Loiseau.