ERC GRAPH-EAST, est un projet dirigé par Estelle Ingrand-Varenne.

The ERC GRAPH-EAST studies the epigraphic writing in Latin alphabet in the Eastern Mediterranean (7th-16th c.). This project intends to take up three challenges to decompartmentalise epigraphy and make it dynamic, by reuniting inscriptions and graffiti, broadening graphic environment (scripts in contact), and thinking “epigraphy in motion”. The aim of GRAPH-EAST is, thanks to this change in scale and paradigm, to create a new field of research focused on Latin epigraphic writing in the East during the long Middle Ages and, through four objectives, to offer an “ecological” vision of epigraphy. This metaphor, used for its heuristic value, allows us to see the inscription as an organism interacting with its natural environment, and to understand its ecosystem. These objectives consist in exploring the “cycle” of the epigraphic object (the medieval production and the history of reception/transmission), providing a connected history of epigraphy using other alphabets, understanding the representation and practice of the Latin writing system in the East, analysing migrant writing through the prism of cultural transfers between West and East.

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