CRFJ Researchers 


Associated researchers , ie. researchers who have conducted a short-term mission or a research activity at the CRFJ (eg. fieldwork/research seminar/publication) 

  •  Lisa Anteby (CRCN CNRS) : anthropology
  • Michèle Baussant, (DR CNRS, ISP)  : anthropology
  • Sylvaine Bulle, (PR ENSA PVS-Diderot) : political sciences, sociology of conflict
  • Alexandra Herfroy-Mischler (Harry S. Truman Research Institute) : communication sciences
  • Florence Heymann
  • Karine Lamarche (CRCN, CNRS) : sociology and law
  • Cédric Parizot (CRCN CNRS, IREMAM) : political anthropology
  •  Caroline Rozenholc-Escobar (ENSA Paris) : geography
  • Iris Séri-Hersch (MCF, AMU) : contemporary history
  •  Danny Trom : sociology of the state

Postdoctoral researchers

PhD students