Sylvain Bauvais is an archaeologist; he is a paleometallurgist specialised in iron metallurgy. His work focuses on two main research axes:

  • Human-environment interaction in the evolution of the organisation of iron production;
  • Provenance and circulation of iron products: short, medium and long distance.

These two axes cover all the interactions between man and his environment in relation to iron metallurgy. They offer the opportunity to address the economic, technical and societal systems and to show how economic and societal organisation allows overcoming environmental and technical imperatives.

The chronological and geographical components of his work have so far focused mainly on the European Iron Age, and it is with the same methodological orientation and in pursuit of his two research axes that he is now undertaking a new cycle of study in Israel.

The southern Levant has the specificity of being very poor in exploitable iron ore in ancient times. This area has therefore always been in a position of dependence on the exchange networks for the development of local iron metallurgy. In addition, it has been subject to constant conquest and occupation. The iron trade had to follow the vagaries of these different forms of political and religious power and control according to geopolitical and economic affinities (conquerors, settlers, traders, etc.).

The programme he is initiating in Israel attempts to identify the fluctuations in the organisation of iron production and trade over the long time in order to understand the role of this material and its issues in Levantine societies from the Iron Age to the Ottoman Period.

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