Dans le numéro Hiver 2020 de la TARB, Dotan Halevy consacre un long article à trois « nouveaux historiens de Jérusalem », Vincent Lemire (Directeur du CRFJ), Yaïr Wallach (SOAS, London) et Louis Fishman (Brooklyn College, NYC). 
« Vincent Lemire’s Jerusalem 1900 is an exemplary work for opening our discussion here. Lemire, a historian at the University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, did not write a conventional historical study, but more a well-referenced manifesto calling upon scholars to set new terms for discussing the history of late Ottoman Jerusalem. Indeed, it was after publishing this book that Lemire founded his much-acclaimed www.openjerusalem.org research project, which has harnessed the collaboration of some sixty researchers of different specialties in tracing, cataloging, and making accessible online archival materials concerning the modern history of Jerusalem. The aim was to “open up” Jerusalem for new scholarly voices and research agendas. In Jerusalem 1900, Lemire has in fact proposed what these new directions may look like (…) ». 
Article complet accessible ici : https://www.tarb.co.il/jerusalems-new-historians/