TV Series have conquered the world. From Game of Thrones or Lupin to Homeland or to The Handmaid’s Tale or Squid game, many of them now constitute a common cultural heritage that allows us to reflect together and across continents on ethical and political issues. This cultural globalization takes place through some « global » series but also through countless adaptations or franchises. The example of Israeli series is particularly striking: Homeland (Hatufim), In Analysis (BeTipul), Euphoria (Euphoria), Hostages (Bnei Aruba), Your Honor (Kvodo), The Good Cop (Hashoter Hatov), Allegiance (The Gordin Cell), The Ex List (The Mythological Ex), Traffic Light (Ramzor).

This conference hypothesizes that these adaptations or variations constitute an extraordinary tool for a comparative approach to cultural, if not anthropological, particularities. Behind similar scenarios and parallel general questions, the regional or national incarnations of the series allow us to understand historical contexts, but also different sensibilities whose nuances are ethically or politically fundamental. More generally, the comparison of local offerings from platforms like Netflix or local productions is a remarkable revelation of differences or convergences that go beyond the mere situational tastes of viewers.

During this conference, we will focus specifically on a comparison between Israeli series and their adaptations, mainly French, considering this comparatist approach as a tool to grasp the specificity of the politic, national and individual identity which expresses itself through the series adaptations.

It is thus to a comparative approach of TV series that this conference, the very first of its kind, invites you.

The conference program