Thursday 3rd December 2020 at the French Research Center in Jerusalem (CRFJ)

The chronology of the different Early Pottery Neolithic cultural entities has been the subject of strong debates among the scientific community for decades. According to the specialists of this time period, the « Yarmukian » culture would be contemporary or later than the « Jericho IX-Lodian » one. However, the chronological data (relative and absolute dating) currently available for the Early Pottery Neolithic remains very fragile, preventing to give a clear opinion on this issue. The stratigraphic sequence of main EPN settlements have so far not been reconstructed in details; Most of the C14 dating proves to be problematic.

This workshop will be the opportunity to conduct a thorough critical review of the different theories put forward on the chronology of the « Yarmukian », « Jericho IX-Lodian » and other Early Pottery Neolithic entities by bringing together French and Israeli colleagues. It will be the opportunity to discuss methodological problems related to the dating of Levantine Neolithic sites and possible solutions to build an accurate chrono-stratigraphic framework for the EPN.

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