Research team

  • Stéphane Ancel (historien, chargé de recherche au CNRS (CéSor-Ehess) Histoire contemporaine de l’Église orthodoxe d’Éthiopie (19e-20e siècles).

Associated researchers , ie. researchers who have conducted a short-term mission or a research activity at the CRFJ (eg. fieldwork/research seminar/publication)

  • Katell Berthelot (DR CNRS, AMU) : history of religions
  • Andreas Hartmann-Virnich (PR, AMU) : Art history and medieval archeology 
  • Michael Langlois, (MCF HDR at University of Strasbourg) Philology and ancient epigraphy
  • Julien Loiseau (PU, AMU) : history and islamology
  • Evelyne Oliel-Grausz, (MCF HDR at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne) : History of modern jewish societies
  • Yann Potin (Archives Nationales, ERC Open Jerusalem) : contemporary archives
  • Camille Rouxpetel (Angers University) : religious history
  • Pierre Savy (MCF, Research Director for the Middle Age EFR) : history of the Middle-Age
  • Eva Telkes-Klein : history of sciences and of scientific institutions
  • Olivier Tourny (DR CNRS, AMU) : ethnomusicology
  • Danny Trom (CRCN, CNRS) : sociology of the state

PhD and postdoctoral researchers AMI CRFJ 

  • Julien Blanc (PhD candidate, Paris Est/Marne-la-Vallée, ERC Open Jerusalem) : contemporary history
  • Véronica Ciantelli (postdoctoral researcher, LIER-EHESS) : philosophy, social sciences
  • Clément Dussart (PhD researcher, University of Poitiers, CESCM) : medieval history
  • Thibault Foulon (PhD candidate, University of Strasbourg) : history, linguistics
  • Elisabeth Mortier (PhD candidate, Paris-Sorbonne University) : contemporary history
  • Chloé Rosner (postdoctoral researcher) : contemporary history, history of archeology