Associated researchers , ie. researchers who have conducted a short-term mission or a research activity at the CRFJ (eg. fieldwork/research seminar/publication) 

  • Hervé Barbé (MCC) : ancient and medieval archaeology
  • Fanny Bocquentin (CRCN CNRS) : prehistoric archaeology, archaeothanatology
  • François Bon (PR UT2J) : prehistoric archaeology
  • Ferran Borrel Tena (CSIC) : prehistoric archaeology
  • Simon Dorso (PhD candidate, University of Lyon 2) : medieval archaeology
  • Hamoudi Khalaily (IAA) : prehistoric archaeology
  • Francesca Manclossi (BGU) : protohistoric archaeology
  • Valentine Roux, (DR1 CNRS) : protohistoric archaeology, ceramography
  • Nicolas Samuelian (INRAP) : prehistoric archaeology
  • François Valla (DR1 émérite CNRS) : prehistoric archaeology
  • Julien Vieugué, CRCN CNRS : archaeology, expert on the first Mediterranean Neolithic societies

 Postdoctoral researchers 

  • Giacoma Petrullo (AMI CRFJ) : Teleilat Ghassul bone industry
  • Maïlys Richard (AMI CRFJ) : archaeology, prehistory, environmental and material sciences

PhD candidates 

  • Marie Anton (Université Paris-1, AMI CRFJ) : prehistoric archaeology, archaeothanatology
  • Carine Harivel (UMR 7055, ED 395, AMI CRFJ) : archaeology, prehistory, environmental and material sciences 

Archeological missions supported by the CRFJ

  • Ferran Borrel Tena (CSIC) et Kobi Vardi (IAA) : Neolithic site of Nahal Efe
  • Julien Vieugué (CRFJ, UMR 7055, UPN) : Neolithic site of Nachal Zippori
  • Philippe Abrahami (université Lyon 2), Mickael Jasmin (UMR7041) : Tel Achziv
  • Anne Baud et Jean-Michel Poisson (université Lyon 2) : The Crusader Castle of Belvoir
  • Yves Gleize (INRAP) : The Crusaders cemetery of Atlit
  • Emmanuel Nantet (université de Haïfa) : the Roman shipwreck of Caesaeria