Conférence V. Roux

La conférence, animée par Valentine Roux, directrice de recherche au CNRS–UMR7055, préhistoire et technologie, chercheur associé au CRFJ, se tiendra à l’université hébraïque – (collection Room -Institut archéologique). L’entrée est libre et la discussion en anglais.

Abstract: In archaeology, there is no model based on empirical data which allows us to interpret the diffusion of stylistic and technical traits in terms of modes of transmission. In order to fulfill this lack of reference data, an ethnoarchaeological project has been started which proposes to build an empirically-calibrated theoretical model. Preliminary results show on the one hand that the diffusion of stylistic and technical traits respond to different mechanisms and on the other hand that the modes of technical diffusion depend on social structure rather than on distance proximity.

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